The Importance of Good Posture

Good posture is a goal for everything from sitting at your desk to walking down the street. What is good posture?  Posture, for this case describes the position of the spine, but it also has other body parts acting on it.


The spine is divided into three groups of bones called vertebrae.  The bottom vertebrae form your lower back and top vertebrae form your neck.  Both of these have a natural curve, which is in the same direction: the inside of this curve faces backwards.  The upper back’s vertebrae form a curve with the inside facing forward.  The vertebrae of the upper back  attach to your ribs in back.  Your ribs connect to your breast bone in front.  On each side of the vertebrae of your upper back, muscles and ligaments hold your shoulder blades onto the back of your ribs.  Your arms are attached to your shoulder blades.  All of these bones and curves comprise posture.

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