Most Medical Devices … Approved for Pediatric Use Weren’t Tested on Kids First

A Reuters Health article noted “Children are not simply ‘small adults,’ and a device found to be safe and effective in adults may have a very different safety and effectiveness profile when used in a pediatric population…” “Without this data, it is difficult for clinicians and parents to make informed treatment decisions that weigh the risks and benefits of a particular treatment…,” The new study examined what kind of testing has been done on medical devices meant for kids since an act of Congress incentivized their development seven years ago.

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Young Patients Help Design Reception Area

Pediatric patients and their families recently joined artist and designer Edin Rudic in creating a new interior wall design for the Food for Life program in the Mount Sinai Health System’s Clinic for Inherited Metabolic Diseases. Mr. Rudic donated his services to create the new design located in the reception area of the Medical Genetics Clinic. It incorporates a high-definition screen display of patient photos, and specially coated walls on which children can draw, adding fun to their hospital visits.

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Children with IBD: Overcoming Challenges

I recently attended a talk that I found inspiring and helpful, whether your personal challenge is inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD) or any other life issue.  The point that the speaker made is simple, yet one that is worth sharing: It is to remember that everyone has a problem or difficulty of some sort to deal with.

For some, like the motivational speaker I heard, it happens to be a very visible physical disability; for others, like many of our IBD patients, it can often be hidden, an invisible illness.  What is important to remember is that at the end of the day, we are all just people, not our illness. This goes along with my advice to parents of children diagnosed with IBD, that one of the best gifts you can offer your child is the gift of a normal happy life.

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Becoming a Health Advocate for your Children

While the new concept of a Geriatric Emergency Department is garnering attention recently, Mount Sinai’s Pediatric Emergency Department continues its tradition of innovation and excellence in caring for children during the most stressful of times.

Recent investments include staffing Child Life Specialists, whose role is to advocate for patient care and act as a liaison between patients, families and care providers.

Also, Pediatric Emergency physician Dr. Audrey Paul has spearheaded a community outreach, entitled, “How to Navigate an Emergency Room Visit with your Child.”  This innovative bilingual workshop was the first in a series of parent education initiatives for parents in low-income and underserved communities on preparing for pediatric emergencies. The project began at Little Sisters of the Assumption and will expand to additional areas to reach more families in underserved communities.

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