CDC Director: “We can stop Ebola outbreak.”

An article in The Hill noted: ”Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), expressed confidence Sunday that health officials could stop a deadly outbreak of the Ebola virus in Africa.”

“’Ebola’s scary and it’s understandable that with a deadly disease, people are concerned. But the plain truth is that we can stop Ebola. We know how to control it,’ said Frieden on ABC’s “This Week.”” “Hospital infection control, and stopping it at the source in Africa.”

“…Frieden said that it was impossible to “hermetically seal the borders of the U.S. ‘We’re reliant and interdependent with the world for travel, for trade, for economy, for our families and communities,’ he added.”

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Bill Weinzimmer: Advanced Prostate Cancer Survivor

My name is Bill Weinzimmer and I am an advanced  prostate cancer survivor. When I was diagnosed 18 years ago, I was told I only had 18 months to live. Thanks to the amazing care I received from Dr. Simon J. Hall at The Mount Sinai Hospital, and the significant changes I made in my life, I am still alive and active 18 years later at 83-years-young. I hope  my experiences and tips will provide inspiration to others diagnosed with cancer, as well as to their families.

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