How Might Physical Exercise Stimulate Bone Synthesis?

Mone Zaidi, MD, PhDPrevious studies have shown that there is a clear relationship between physical activity and higher bone mineral density (BMD). Exercise and the force that muscle contraction applies to bone improve skeletal health by stimulating the formation of new bone. Conversely, off-loading muscle, such as in astronauts, can lead to bone loss and an increased fracture risk. But the question of how muscle function regulates bone mass has remained largely unresolved despite their close anatomical proximity. A key question is whether muscle contraction connects to bone mass regulation through a secreted molecule. Read more

Weight Management Tips for 2013

Don’t just take a Weight-and-See approach to losing pounds in 2013. Two-thirds of adult Americans are overweight and one-third are obese. Tip: Exert portion control. A single portion should fit on your palm; a restaurant meal is usually the size of multiple portions. Here are more weight management tips from expert Dr. Robert Yanagisawa. Read more at