The Cancer Related Benefits of Brussel Sprouts (Recipe Included!)

Brussel sprouts have a history of under appreciation, being boiled or steamed to an olive colored mush and strongly eliciting smells of sulfur. Over the past few years, however, they’ve taken a turn in the eyes of the public and have become a favorite of foodies, bloggers, and some of the best restaurants in NYC. This is good news for the health minded and flavor-seeking alike!

Cruciferous vegetables name the family of plant foods that includes brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli, cabbage, and arugula, among others. They contain a powerful group of compounds called isothiocynates, which have a number of cancer-fighting properties, particularly for breast cancer. While not as popular as its cruciferous cousin, kale, brussels actually have a greater content of certain health-promoting nutrients. These veggies may be able to assist the body in excreting estrogen and other hormones and have been linked with lower rates of breast cancer in certain populations. Eaten raw or cooked lightly, cruciferous vegetables should be a substantial part of a plant-based diet. Try to get at least one serving per day.

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The Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Valentine’s Day (Recipe Included!)

For centuries before becoming the sweet treat we know today, chocolate, the product of fermented cacao beans, was used as medicine. Early Aztec cultures concocted remedies using cocoa from the “chocolate tree” to ease intestinal complaints and upset stomach, control diarrhea, reduce fevers, and boost strength before military conquests. Later eras linked chocolate to other properties, such as a cure for “chocolatomania” cravings in the mid-1900s, which were believed to occur in young women.

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Cancer Clinical Trials Video Now Online

Today’s standard therapies for cancer exist because people have participated in clinical trials – yet choosing to participate in a cancer clinical trial is an important personal decision that can be intimidating for many patients. In order to better help patients understand cancer clinical trials, the reasons to participate in them, and clinical research at Mount Sinai, The Tisch Cancer Institute has released a new video, “Clinical Trials at Mount Sinai: Moving the Field Forward.”

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