Should You Check Your Symptoms Before Your Doctor’s Appointment?

If you are like me, you may occasionally “Google” your medical symptoms. Now apps are available to help you check your symptoms systematically rather than randomly.

The Wall Street Journal article noted “Now more health-care providers are… steering patients to new and improved computerized symptom-checkers that make it easier for them to get reliable information about possible diagnoses, research their condition and even connect directly to a doctor. Doctors are adding these tools to their websites and incorporating them into electronic medical records, encouraging patients to use them before office visits to save time and make consultations more productive. Another benefit: Results turned up by a symptom-checker may actually help doctors think of something they hadn’t considered.”

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New Survey Tool Boosts Patient Satisfaction

A new smartphone app that enables patients to provide immediate feedback on their experiences at the Derald H. Ruttenberg Treatment Center of The Tisch Cancer Institute is helping The Mount Sinai Hospital continue its efforts to provide exceptional care.

The app works this way: Upon arrival at the Ruttenberg Treatment Center, patients are asked to provide their cell phone numbers as they fill out their paperwork. Then the technology prompts them with a text message asking them to take a brief survey on their smartphones after they leave.

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