Department of Radiation Oncology Now Offering Superficial Radiotherapy

The Mount Sinai Department of Radiation Oncology is now treating patients with superficial non-melanoma skin cancers such as squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas, and keloids, with a non-invasive and painless procedure, Superficial Radiotherapy. The procedure utilizes superficial x-rays that concentrate radiation dose on the skin surface. There are several advantages of using superficial radiation therapy to treat non-melanoma skin cancers and keloids, including:

  • No incisions
  • No anesthesia requirement
  • Minimal to no scarring
  • No post-operative infections or complications
  • Virtually painless
  • Quick treatment time
  • Faster healing process
  • Minimal side effects

Ideal patients are generally older individuals, individuals with medical problems that may impair wound healing after surgery, or individuals seeking non-surgical treatment options. Mount Sinai’s results with superficial radiation therapy to the skin have been excellent. If you or a loved one has a non-melanoma skin cancer or keloids and would like to learn more about non-invasive treatment options, please contact Mount Sinai Department of Radiation Oncology Skin Treatment Program at 212-241-4855.

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