“Music is Medicine” Visits the Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital

Music is Medicine is a nonprofit run by a team of college students that pairs artists with pediatric patients through uplifting music programs. Through Music is Medicine’s Donate a Song project, artists write and record original songs for seriously-ill children to inspire the patients, share their stories of strength, and contribute to the greater fight against their diseases.

This past summer, Cindy, a 16 year-old girl battling cancer at the Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital, met artists Sam Tsui and Elle Winter. The artists then went on to produce an original song called “Unsinkable” for Cindy. In the chorus Sam and Elle sing, “My heart’s unsinkable. Never doubt that things will get better. Can you feel the love? I’m never giving up.” Through the song, Sam and Elle motivate Cindy and people everywhere to never give up. At the same time, all proceeds for the song will benefit pediatric oncology research at Mount Sinai.

Cindy, Cindy’s mother and sister, and several other patients attended the first live performance of “Unsinkable” in July, while a videographer filmed the concert for the song’s music video. Music is Medicine representatives Joe Benun, Michael Moses, and Leora Friedman also attended the music video shoot. They helped oversee the event while appreciating the magic of the experience in the process.

“When someone thinks of a hospital,” board member Joe told us, “sad images often come to mind. But the music video shoot at Mount Sinai told a different side to the story. It told the true story of strength and courage.” According to Michael, a Music is Medicine artist relations manager in charge of the Sam-Elle-Cindy partnership, “I will never forget the performance and seeing how the lyrics and the music personally touched everyone in the room. The transformative quality of the music was able to transport everyone to a better mindset, to one of fortitude and hope.”

Unsinkable” has currently collected over 100,000 hits on YouTube. Music listeners around the world are responding to the song and to the cause. One YouTube viewer commented, “No words, just tears. That was amazing.” You can watch the music video below, and purchase the song on iTunes to support the fight against childhood cancer! Music is Medicine had a blast working with Mount Sinai and is excited to collaborate on more projects with the hospital in the future.

Leora Friedman

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