Mount Sinai School of Medicine to be Renamed in Honor of Trustee

Kenneth L. Davis, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Mount Sinai Medical Center, and Peter W. May, Chairman of the Boards of Trustees, The Mount Sinai Medical Center, have announced that in early 2013, Mount Sinai School of Medicine will be renamed in honor of Trustee Carl C. Icahn, who has generously supported this institution for more than three decades.

The new name—the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai—was bestowed by the Boards of Trustees in recognition of Mr. Icahn’s many years of dedicated service, his leadership in advancing medical science, and his nearly $200 million in lifetime giving to Mount Sinai. Mr. Icahn’s most recent gift of $150 million is the largest in Mount Sinai’s history and among the biggest gifts made to a medical school. His previous contributions to Mount Sinai resulted in a state-of-the-art medical school research building on the Mount Sinai campus being named the Icahn Medical Institute.

In addition to renaming the School of Medicine, the Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology—one of 14 translational institutes that lie at the heart of Mount Sinai’s strategic plan—will be renamed the Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology. Mount Sinai will also be designating a cadre of Icahn Scholars, who will be among the most outstanding scientists across several institutes and departments.

“Carl Icahn’s support enables our scientists and clinicians to continue pursuing groundbreaking discoveries,” said Dr. Davis when the formal agreement was signed on Tuesday, November 13. “We are honored to bear the Icahn School of Medicine name as we revolutionize health care for Mount Sinai patients and for patients around the world.” Mr. Icahn, one of America’s most prominent and influential investors, has been a member
of the Boards of Trustees, and a Trustee of the School of Medicine, since 2000. His gifts have been, and will continue to be, utilized for general medical research as well as specific research in the burgeoning field of genomics to improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Dennis S. Charney, MD, Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Dean of Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs of The Mount Sinai Medical Center, said, “Carl Icahn’s generosity has tremendously strengthened Mount Sinai’s capacity for innovation by allowing us flexibility and opportunistic creativity, two of the greatest assets for any innovative organization. We are extremely grateful to Carl, not only for his philanthropic support but also for his trust and confidence in Mount Sinai and the major role our institution will continue to play in educating the next generation of physician and scientific leaders, groundbreaking biomedical discovery, and transforming health care delivery.”

Said Mr. Icahn, “I have been very impressed with Mount Sinai’s extraordinary achievements to date in scientific discovery, medical education, translational medicine, and patient care. I am certain that my contributions to Mount Sinai will lead to significant medical breakthroughs in
the diagnosis and treatment of disease that will dramatically improve and extend human life.”

Mr. Icahn’s most recent giving has supported the Campaign for Mount Sinai, a $1 billion capital campaign that was launched in 2008 and recently surpassed its target, well in advance of its scheduled December 2013 conclusion. “Carl Icahn has been a remarkable supporter of the capital campaign and, as a philanthropist, he is a game-changer for Mount Sinai,” said Mr. May. “His gift has given us the momentum we need to reach our new goal of $1.3 billion.”

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