Specialized Metastasis Cancer Care Available at Mount Sinai

Cancer patients with metastatic cancer, whose disease has spread to another area of the body beyond the initial site of the disease, require specialized care. At our Metastasis Center, we offer a unique approach to treating patients with metastatic cancer.

The core of our program is the personalized, concierge-style service we provide to patients. With this approach, patients can schedule an appointment to come to Mount Sinai for one day, during which a team of experts can conduct tests, review the patient’s treatment options, and provide consultation with the patient’s off-site doctors if necessary. A Clinical Nurse Navigator will work with each patient to personally tailor his or her visit and schedule all necessary appointments and tests. Remote consultations are also available.

Each patient’s full-day consultation is planned according to the needs of the individual. Our team includes medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and other experts. We can provide testing (MRI or CT scans), and can offer services such as symptom management, nutrition, and social work. Each patient’s team will be personalized based on the underlying cancer and where the cancer has spread; for example, a patient with kidney cancer that has spread to the lungs will have appointments with a medical oncologist specializing in urology and a surgical oncologist specializing in thoracic procedures. Based on the full day visit, a detailed, individualized treatment plan will be developed and provided within 24 hours.

One example of our approach to treating patients with metastatic cancer is Stephanie Lee, the patient recently profiled in Esquire Magazine. Stephanie was initially diagnosed with colon cancer, which had metastasized to her liver.  She was referred to Mount Sinai, where she was able to enroll in a novel study involving Drs. Eric Schadt, Ross Cagan, and Michael Donovan; Dr. Schadt then introduced Stephanie to a team of doctors including Drs. Randall Holcombe, Daniel Labow, and Kenneth Rosenzweig. She also had her case reviewed by a multidisciplinary tumor board. Stephanie received chemotherapy and successfully underwent surgery at another institution, but her Mount Sinai team was able to identify a genetic mutation she has, provide recommendations regarding her surgery, and will continue to monitor her case. We may be able to offer novel treatment approaches if standard therapies no longer continue to work.

For more information about the Metastasis Center, visit us online, call 212-241-6756 or e-mail metastasis.center@mountsinai.org.

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