Young Patients Help Design Reception Area

Pediatric patients and their families recently joined artist and designer Edin Rudic in creating a new interior wall design for the Food for Life program in the Mount Sinai Health System’s Clinic for Inherited Metabolic Diseases. Mr. Rudic donated his services to create the new design located in the reception area of the Medical Genetics Clinic. It incorporates a high-definition screen display of patient photos, and specially coated walls on which children can draw, adding fun to their hospital visits.

Inherited metabolic diseases, usually diagnosed at birth, are caused by genetic errors that result in enzyme deficiencies, making it impossible for the body to properly process certain types of foods.

Mr. Rudic was enlisted by the Genetic Disease Foundation, which provided a grant to establish the Food for Life program. The program features an on-site pantry stocked with the costly medical food needed by patients to manage their illnesses. The food is available for free to qualifying patients.

The Clinic for Inherited Metabolic Diseases, part of Mount Sinai’s Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences, treats more than 600 children and adults yearly, and provides diagnostic evaluations and testing, and long-term medical and nutritional management.

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