A Promising New Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Fred Lin, MD

Fred Lin, MD, Chief of the Division of Sleep Surgery at the Mount Sinai Health System, left, and Boris Chernobilsky, MD, Director of the Division of Sleep Surgery at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, are pioneering new surgery for sleep apnea.

Physicians at the Mount Sinai Health System are among the first in New York State to offer a promising new surgical treatment for people with moderate-to-severe obstructive sleep apnea, a common disorder characterized by the recurrent narrowing and closing of a person’s upper airway during sleep. Moderate-to-severe sleep apnea—defined as 15 or more episodes of disturbed airflow per hour—is often associated with excessive daytime sleepiness and an increased risk for diabetes and heart disease. Read more

Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Opens New Hospital Restaurant

Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Opens New Hospital Restaurant

Art Gianelli, President, Mount Sinai St. Luke’s, second from right, at the restaurant ribbon-cutting ceremony, with, from left: Valerie Shirley, Director of Retail and Marketing; Jay Aldieri, Regional Manager, and Michael Shapiro, Director, Food and Nutrition Services; and Sherryl Philpot, Food and Nutrition Aide.

Mount Sinai St. Luke’s recently opened the doors to Luke’s, the hospital’s new restaurant, which features a deli, a global food station serving ethnic food, and healthful eating options, including gluten-free and vegetarian choices. The salad bar, grill, and entrée line have been upgraded to offer a wider variety of selections. Breakfast is now available all day at the grill, and sandwiches, burgers, salmon, and steak are made to order. Luke’s is located on the first floor of the Babcock Building and is open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 2 pm.

Resilience at Any Size

Lonna Gordon, MD, PharmD

Lonna Gordon, MD, PharmD

For teenagers, obesity is about more than just medical health: obesity can impact teen’s body image and self-esteem, putting them at risk for unhealthy behaviors and toxic relationships that can easily follow them into adulthood.

That’s why it’s important to teach teens resilience, healthy habits, and positive self-esteem at any size. This summer, my colleagues at the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center started a new Teen Fit Program. Three times a week, teens in our program can attend free Zumba, kickboxing, or spin classes. These fitness classes help teens increase their strength and self-confidence, and reap the mood- and energy-boosting benefits of exercise. Read more

How to Prevent Trans Teen Suicide

How to prevent trans teen suicide

Suicide is an epidemic among transgender youth — and it’s preventable.

Suicide can impact anyone, but transgender teens are at particular risk. Studies have shown that between 30 and 50 percent of transgender youth have seriously considered suicide, and one quarter have attempted to end their lives.

But not all transgender teens face equal risk. Unsurprisingly, teens with supportive parents are far less likely to try to end their lives. A recent Toronto study found that, among transgender teens whose parents were very supportive, 4% had attempted suicide?—?compared to 57% of teens whose parents were somewhat to not at all supportive Read more

Transforming the Mount Sinai Hospital Campuses

Transforming the Mount Sinai Hospital Campuses

An architectural image features the modern design planned for the Phillips Ambulatory Care Center at Mount Sinai Beth Israel.

A transformation is under way at the seven hospital campuses that comprise the Mount Sinai Health System, with various projects that streamline and modernize facilities, and strengthen their ability to better serve patients.

Kenneth L. Davis, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mount Sinai Health System, has called this “a landmark time for our hospitals.” The changes, he says, will increase efficiency and enable Mount Sinai to “stand out as a health care hub,” locally and globally. Read more

Push-Up Challenge for Men’s Health

Push-Up Challenge for Men’s Health

From left, Urology Fellow Avinash Reddy, MD; Dennis S. Charney, MD; and Leslie Schlachter, PA, took turns at the mat during the Push-Up Challenge, while Ash Tewari, MBBS, MCh, far right, who spearheaded the event, looked on.

Sixty-two men and women took to the mat in the Guggenheim Pavilion on Wednesday, September 16, to participate in the Mount Sinai Health System’s Push-Up Challenge, an event highlighting Prostate Cancer Awareness Month that was sponsored by the Department of Urology.

Dennis S. Charney, MD, Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Dean, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and President for Academic Affairs, Mount Sinai Health System, kicked off the challenge by completing 106 push-ups that were tallied by trainers from the New York Sports Club. Read more

“Rollin’ Colon” Exhibit Attracts Visitors at Union Square Park

“Rollin’ Colon” Exhibit Attracts Visitors at Union Square Park

From left: Marcline St. Germain, Health Communication Assistant, and Cindy R. Borassi, Director, Communications and Operations, Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation; Cynthia Martinez, event organizer, and colon cancer survivor; Dan Foster, colon cancer survivor; David Carr-Locke, MD; and Lizanka Rodriguez, Colonoscopy Patient Navigator, Division of Digestive Diseases.

More than 600 people visited the “Rollin’ Colon,” an exhibit of the digestive tract that was on display in Union Square Park on Thursday, September 24, during the Third Annual Colon Cancer Awareness Event, sponsored by Mount Sinai Beth Israel’s Division of Digestive Diseases, the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation (CCCF), and the Union Square Partnership. The walk-through exhibit featured the abnormalities seen during a colonoscopy. Staff from Mount Sinai Beth Israel and the CCCF provided information about colon cancer and the importance of early detection. David Carr-Locke, MD, Professor, Medicine (Gastroenterology), Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, showed visitors his large-scale model of a colonoscope. Six visitors at the event registered for colonoscopies.

Walk4Hearing Raises Funds

Walk4Hearing Raises Funds

From left: Samantha Morgan, third-year doctoral extern, Audiology, and Jillian Friedman, fourth-year doctoral extern, Audiology, The Mount Sinai Hospital’s Center for Hearing and Balance, at the Walk4Hearing.

A team of 50 employees from New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai and The Mount Sinai Hospital joined 2,000 participants in the Hearing Loss Association of America’s (HLAA)New York Chapter Walk4Hearing on Sunday, September 27, in Manhattan’s Riverside Park. The 5K walk raised approximately $165,000 for the HLAA, a consumer advocacy organization that provides information and support to people of all ages with hearing loss. The HLAA also works to eliminate the stigma associated with hearing loss. Each year, the Walk4Hearing takes place in multiple cities throughout the country.

Limiting Salt Intake in Pulmonary Hypertension

Hooman Poor, MDPulmonary hypertension is a condition of increased pressure in the blood vessels of the lungs. Because of this increased pressure, the heart has more difficulty with effectively pumping blood throughout the body, which can lead to symptoms of shortness of breath and leg swelling. While there are a number of effective medications to reduce the pressure in the blood vessels of the lungs, limiting salt intake is an important measure to help alleviate this pressure and reduce symptoms. Read more

Skin Reactions to Halloween Costumes and Makeup

Costume JewelryAs Halloween approaches and you’re choosing your child’s costume, here are some helpful tips to protect your child’s skin from Lauren Geller, MD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Pediatrics at the Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mount Sinai:

– Face paints and makeups can be fun and can complete your child’s costume, but they can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. They may contain preservatives, such as formaldehyde, dyes or fragrances that can be irritating to the skin. Be sure to test the face paint or makeup on a small area of your child’s skin, such as a spot on the arm, before Halloween, to make sure your child doesn’t have a reaction to it. Read more