SINAInnovations: Launching a New Era of Discovery

Exploring successful models of innovation—
in and out of traditional biomedical research organizations—will be the focus of a three-day conference hosted by The Mount Sinai Medical Center.

The conference, SINAInnovations, to be held Monday through Wednesday, November 12-14, will feature prominent speakers from academia, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, the investment community, and global media. It will highlight the most effective ways for academic medical centers to accelerate drug discovery and commercialize emerging biotechnologies, with the ultimate goal of creating better diagnostics and treatments that cure human diseases.

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Mount Sinai’s Supercomputer Ushers in a New Era

Mount Sinai School of Medicine recently unveiled its new supercomputer that is helping researchers unlock the intricate mechanisms that lead to human diseases, and hasten the discovery of treatments for them. The computer, named Minerva, after the Roman goddess of wisdom and medicine, was custom-built by Patricia Kovatch, the school’s first Associate Dean for Scientific Computing.

Minerva provides 64 million hours of computation per year. It has 7,680 processing cores, a peak speed of 70,000 gigaflops, and 30 terabytes of random access memory, making it one of the nation’s highest-performing computers in academic medicine.

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