Painting and Hammering

Shovel We don’t usually have a lot of need for shovels in the library, but anyone who’s been here lately knows that there are all kinds of tools being operated here (many of them a little bit noisier than your typical shovel). Renovation is proceeding full steam ahead, and we snuck behind The Wall on Friday afternoon to bring you an update.

IMG_0029All of the shelves have been repainted a silvery grey (which might be hard to make out behind their protective plastic). This is the first hint of the new color palette you’ll see when the carpeting is installed and the walls are repainted.

The light fixtures and ceiling tiles are starting to be replaced as well, and the biggest change is that the walls for the new classrooms have been constructed. In a few weeks those classrooms will be open and full of shiny new computers that we can all use when the temporary walls move and Phase II of the renovation begins.


The smaller new classroom.


The larger new classroom.


This will be study space again someday soon!

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