Spring Cleaning for Authors

Citation databases create author profiles where all of that author’s citations are collected. This lets authors see all their works in one place for CV updates and metrics calculations. However, due to changes in affiliation, name format and many other reasons, there are frequently more than one profile for the same author. This is your chance to fix problems like:

  • Which name variations should be grouped together in your profile?  Which spelling variation should be used as the primary name under which all documents are listed?
  • Are all the articles listed as yours by you?  Are all of your articles listed?

You can help clean up these records and make sure that all of your articles are credited to you under one profile. It’s a good idea to suggest changes to your profile now. That way when it’s time to find every article you’ve published or check your h factor, you’re ready to go.

And, you can do it right from the databases

Here are instructions for cleaning up author records in Scopus:

1. In Scopus, click on the author search tab and search for yourself.


2. Identify your records. Place a checkmark next to each one. Then click on Request to merge authors.

3. Ensure these are the records you’d like to merge. Then click Start.


4. Select the name you would like to use as the primary name under which all documents will be listed. Then click next.


5. Review the documents listed. If you need to edit the list, click on Edit Documents.


6. Click on the red buttons to exclude articles or the green buttons to include articles. When you're finished click next.


7. Fill in your contact details and any information that may assist the Scopus folks in verifying your submission. Click Submit.


Voila! You’re finished. Pat yourself on the back. It takes about 6-8 weeks for changes to appear in the database.