From The Archives: Dr. Arthur Sohval and the Ciba Collection of Medical Illustrations

Sohval Blog - Sketch Sohval Blog - Page Proof 

Above: pencil sketch by Dr. Arthur Sohval (left); page proof of final illustrations by Dr. Frank Netter (right)


In 1963, the editors of the Ciba Collection of Medical Illustrations asked distinguished Mount Sinai endocrinologist Dr. Arthur Sohval to contribute text and demonstrative illustrations to the Collection. Dr. Sohval, who specialized in disorders of the human reproductive system, was responsible for entries on infertility and on the pathogenesis of sex-chromosomal abnormalities.

The above images show the initial design and page proofs for the entry on “Diagnostic Studies in Female Infertility.”  Dr. Sohval’s initial design suggestions were rendered in paint by the celebrated medical illustrator Dr. Frank Netter, whose signature can be seen to the right of the uterine diagram in the upper right hand column. The X-Ray plates in the final illustration come from Dr. Sohval’s files.

These images have been scanned from the Dr. Arthur Sohval Papers in the Mount Sinai Archives. In addition to the records of Dr. Sohval’s work on the Ciba Collection, this collection includes a wide array of research notes and draft manuscripts that document Dr. Sohval’s long career as an endocrinologist and his pioneering work in electron microscopy. A native of New York City, Dr. Sohval was associated throughout his career with The Mount Sinai Hospital and Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

The Arthur Sohval Papers are just one of the many manuscript collections in the Mount Sinai Archives that document Mount Sinai’s rich history. More information is available at the Archives website. – Nicholas Webb