The Lancet’s Complete Backfiles Now Online from Levy Library

LancetLevy Library is pleased to report that The Mount Sinai community now has online access in PDF format to every issue of The Lancet. The Lancet has been published weekly since its foundation in 1823; our new backfile includes 390,000 articles written prior to 1995, all augmented with HTML abstracts and reference linking.

The Lancet is, of course, one of the world’s most highly cited medical journals, and it is noted in particular for a philosophy of reform that dates to its foundation. As per About Us page, “The Lancet has…aimed to combine publication of the best medical science in the world with a zeal to counter the forces that undermine the values of medicine, be they political, social, or commercial”. It is unaffiliated with any medical or scientific organizations, making it “an independent and authoritative voice in global medicine”.

The Lancet backfile, like the NEJM archive, will support Mount Sinai’s ongoing research programs through its reports of clinical findings and investigational methods in landmark studies, and it will enrich current reviews by offering historical context to new findings and trends in medical practice. Among the classic articles which can now be retrieved online are “On the antiseptic principle in the practice of surgery” by Joseph Lister (1867) “An address on the repression of war experience” by W H R Rivers (1918) and “Penicillin as a chemotherapeutic agent” by E Chain and H W Florey (1940).

The best way to access The Lancet articles written before 1900 is through the Levy Library E-Journals database, linked from the Levy Library homepage, or directly here. Search the E-Journals database for the title, and then search or browse the journal on its SciVerse/Science Direct platform. You can also access articles through the Library’s full-text linking services in databases such as the Web of Science, which covers The Lancet as far back as 1900, and MEDLINE/PubMed, which includes citations from 1945 forward.