Vanishing Computers! Books on the Move!

If you've been to the Library lately, you've definitely noticed a few changes. Phase I of the renovation is (nearly) completed, and the temporary walls that blocked off the back of the Library are now blocking off the East side, where the Public Computers normally sit. We're getting ready to open our new classrooms soon: here is a sneak preview of one of them: Renovation 008

We're also in the process of moving the book collection from one side of the 11th floor to other. Now is a rare chance to see Mount Sinai librarians in jeans as we Renovation 011empty the old blue shelves and fill the new grey shelves.Renovation 003

An FYI as we work on Phase II: public computers, study spaces, water fountains and most other things behind the temporary wall can be found down the stairs on the 10th floor. If you need a book, please ask at the front desk Renovation 002 and have us find it for you – there are a few different places it might be at this point. And, we're sorry, but the women's restroom is closed – there are public restrooms on the first floor of the building.

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