Access the Library’s Journals on Your iPhone or Tablet

The Levy Library has a new license for BrowZine, a cool new app that allows you to read the library’s full-text scholarly journals in a newsstand format optimized for your iPad, iPhone, or Android tablet.  Seamlessly access PDFs, create favorite journal lists, and save articles, even outside of our network.

Get started in 3 easy steps:

1) From your tablet or iPhone, go to the app store, search for “BrowZine” and download it for free.

2) Open BrowZine and select Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai from the list.

3) Enter your network credentials, these will be the same that you use to access library resources from off-campus.

Start browsing and reading scholarly journals!

MicroMedex App Has Changed for iPhone Users

Icahn School of Medicine library users who previously had MicroMedex installed on their iPhones must now download a new app in order to keep access on their iPhone.  If you downloaded the MicroMedex iPhone app before March 31st 2014, you can now simply delete it, as it will cease to work.  For more information on downloading the new MicroMedex iPhone app and using it with out Mount Sinai subscription, go to:  MicroMedex and click on “mobileMicroMedex” at the top.  Step-by-Step information about downloading the correct iPhone app and entering the password necessary to set up our Mount Sinai subscription will be available.

BrowZine Trial

The Levy Library is trialing BrowZine, a great new service that allows you to browse and read many of the library’s full-text scholarly journals, all in a format optimized for your iPad and Android tablet.  Seamlessly access PDFs, create favorite journal lists and save articles.

Get started with the trial in 3 easy steps:

1) From your ipad or Android tablet, go to your app store and search for “BrowZine” and download it for free.

2) Open BrowZine and select Icahn School of Medicine from the list.

3) Enter your network credentials, these will be the same that you use to access library resources from off-campus.

Start browsing and reading your scholarly journals!

The Levy Library is considering a permanent license.  Please send any comments about the BrowZine app to :

UpToDate Anywhere App

UpToDate has finally added an app for institutional subscribers!  Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai users can now download UpToDate’s free mobile app to access our library subscription to UpToDate off Mount Sinai’s  network.

Why is this Different?  Currently you can login through the library’s website with your email username and password to access UpToDate’s mobile version on your phone or device, wherever you are.  The new app provides a way to bypass the library’s login and is a sleeker interface on your phone than the regular mobile display.  Instead of logging in through the library’s website, you will need to login to the app with your UpToDate username and password.   In order to maintain access to the app, you will need to validate that you are still a member of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai every 30 days, by logging into your account while on campus.

To Get Started with the App:

If you already have an UpToDate user name and password, getting UpToDate Anywhere rights is easy.  Access UpToDate while on campus.   Log in with your existing credentials and you’ll receive an email informing you that you now have UTD Anywhere rights and instructions on how to download the Mobile App.  The Log In/Register icon is in the top right hand corner.

If you don’t have an UpToDate account:

Access UpToDate while on campus. Register as a new user and create a user name and password. Use the link in the top right corner that says Log In Register. Upon completion of registration process, you will receive an email from UpToDate with instructions on downloading the mobile app.

Once you are registered for UpToDate Anywhere access with a unique user name and password, you can install the UpToDate Mobile App on up to two devices. For a full list of devices currently supported, please visit

Read more

Mobile-Formatted Site: Easier Access to Library Apps and Mobile Sites

Iphone-hardwareIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai's smartphone users can now access the Levy Library's mobile apps and sites from a specially designed mobile-formatted site (  This site is a mobile version of our current Medical Apps & Mobile Resources guide, and was designed to provide mobile users with an easier way to read about and access library mobile resources while using their handheld devices.  

Check out this guide for a list of mobile-optimized library sites including UpToDate Mobile, MDConsult Mobile, Stat!Ref Mobile and more.  

The Library's list of apps and mobile sites currently includes mobile resources related to Library resources and providers.  All of the apps and mobile sites on our list are included in our library licenses and are free to Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai faculty, students, and staff.






Now with Mobile Access: Annual Reviews and Sage Journals

Annual Reviews and Sage Journals are now providing mobile access to Levy Library users. 

Annual Reviews publishes highly cited critical reviews of primary research in over 41 disciplines within the Biomedical and Life Sciences.  When you access Annual Reviews using Mount Sinai's wireless, it will automatically pair your device with the Library's subscriptions.  You will then be able to access Annual Reviews content on your mobile device, even when you leave Mount Sinai's network.  Read more here.  

Sage Journals is a collection of hundreds of top journals in the biomedical sciences.  When you access a Sage Journal from your mobile device while on Mount Sinai's network, select "Authorize this Device" in order to pair your device with the Library's Sage subscriptions.  This allows you to access Sage content on your mobile device, even when you leave Mount Sinai's network.  Read more here

These are just two of the latest publishers offering mobile access.  View our full list of mobile apps and mobile-optimized sites related to Library resources here

Stat!Ref’s New App: Read and Review over 40 Core Textbooks on the Go!

There's a sophisticated new app included with the Library's subscription to Stat!Ref that allows you to access the core textbooks from the Stat!Ref platform on your mobile device, even when you leave Mount Sina's network.

The Stat!Ref app provides on and off-campus to over 45 clinical and nursing books, covering topics including USMLE review (Step 1, 2, and 3), healthcare administration, quality assurance and patient safety, and more. It includes core texts such as: MKSAP for Students 5, Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices, ICD-9, Stedman's Medical Dictionary, and First Aid for the USMLE.

Platforms: iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Android

Off-Campus Access: For off-campus access to the app, you must first create an account by visiting Stat!Ref from your computer/non-mobile browser.  Go to Stat!Ref and click on "Your Preferences" in the top right corner to create an account.  Then, click on "Temporary Login Account" to activate your mobile device access for a set period of time (about 3 months; it can be renewed for as long as you are still affiliated with Mount Sinai). Then, download the app and use your Stat!Ref account to log in to the app on your mobile device.

On-campus access: Simply connect to Mount Sinai's secure wireless to access content through the app while on-campus.

Download the app: Visit for more information and the links for downloading the app for different devices.

See also our full list of Mobile Apps for Library Resources.

Download Ebrary E-books to Multiple Devices

Adobe_digital_editionsEbrary, one of the Levy Library's largest ebook platforms, now allows you to download e-books from its site to your computer and many other devices. Ebrary contains over 70,000 e-books from many publishers and covers many disciplines including medicine, life sciences, social science, psychology, education, computers/IT and more. 

Mount Sinai ebrary users have two downloading options: create an image PDF of a chapter or page range; OR download an entire e-book using Adobe Digital Editions (Free online, although it does require registration). Adobe Digital Editions is available for most devices, but not the Kindle. Full e-book downloading is permitted by most of the publishers participating with ebrary, but there are a few exceptions.

To read more about ebrary's downloading options, including step-by-step instructions, visit ebrary's downloading guide.



Library Resource Apps and Mobile-Optimized Sites

MdconsultiphoneAttention Mount Sinai iphone, ipad, blackberry, android and other mobile device users!  Many of the Levy Library's core resources provide mobile applications (apps) and mobile-optimized sites for accessing content.  Librarians have compiled the lists below which include some very useful apps. Perhaps the best news?  All of the apps are included in our library license negotiations and are provided at no cost to Mount Sinai faculty, students, and staff!

Our list of apps: includes apps for accessing clinical and drug information, searching the medical literature, accessing e-journals, e-books, and medical images, and searching the library's catalog.

View our list of mobile-optimized sites: to access Levy Library licensed resources from your mobile browser.

We hope these apps and mobile sites will be useful to all of our Mount Sinai physicians, nurses, medical students and other health care providers who carry smartphone or mobile devices!  If you have any comments or questions, please send us an email.

New Resources in MDConsult: First Consult, Mobile app, PDFs and More

The Library is pleased to offer an expanded site license to one of our most popular resources, MDConsult. Enhancements to MDConsult include:

  • First Consult: a clinical decision support tool now appears within MDConsult. FirstConsult provides evidence-based topic reviews in an easy to read bulleted format. Access First Consult from the upper left corner of MDConsult.
  • First Consult app: Download the FirstConsult iPhone/iPad app to use First Consult on your mobile device. Sign up for the required user name and password by visiting MDConsult and clicking Create an Account.
  • MDConsult Mobile: The new mobile-optimized version of MDConsult ( provides access to: quick topic reviews, journal articles including the Clinics of North America, and MDConsult's popular clinical and basic science e-books, including Harriet Lane Handbook, Cecil Medicine and many more. Note that there is no browsable list of books. To read a book, first search by the book's author or title. Login with your MDConsult username and password. To sign up for an account, go to MDConsult and click My Account.
  • PDFs of Book Chapters: Mount Sinai faculty and students been asking about this for years, and now it is finally possible to read MDConsult's book chapters and sections in PDF format!
  • Increased simultaneous users: The Levy Library now provides additional "seats" for MDConsult, eliminating the chance that you will be locked out when you attempt to login to MDConsult.

We hope you will enjoy these new enhancements to MDConsult! Have a question? Please ask us.