Welcome Angelyn Thornton, Library Outreach Coordinator

We are thrilled to welcome Angelyn Thornton, the new Library Outreach Coordinator for the Mount Sinai Health Systems Libraries. Before Mount Sinai, Angelyn was an assistant at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and a freelance social media coordinator. Angelyn originally comes from an arts background and holds a B.A. in Drama. Angelyn will be overseeing the MSHS Libraries social media presence and will assist with marketing library services and resources.

Angelyn can be reached at angelyn.thornton@mssm.edu

Reference help for libraries affected by Harvey

Our thoughts go out to everyone in the affected areas in Texas and Louisiana by Hurricane Harvey. During the month of September the Mount Sinai Health System Library team would like to invite any #librarians or information professionals affected by #Harvey to send us your basic reference inquiries. They can be your own or from a patron – if you have limited access to your library’s resources, we are here to help. While we cannot provide access to our online resources or collections, we can work to connect you with online resources or other helpful information.

You can reach us via refdesk@mssm.edu or @Levy_Library on Twitter

Levy Librarian Publishes New Book on Video Marketing for Libraries

Congrats to Robin O’Hanlon (Assistant Library Director for Outreach & Public Services) on the publication of her new book “Video Marketing for Libraries: A Practical Guide for Librarians.” Robin co-authored the book with Heather A. Dalal (Assistant Professor/Instruction & Emerging Technologies, Rider University) and Karen L. Yacobucci ( Content Systems Librarian and Marketing Specialist, New York University Health Sciences Library). Way to go, Robin!


Levy Librarian co-authors Landmark Study on Plunging Sperm Rates

Levy Librarian Rachel Pinotti is a co-author on a major study on plunging sperm counts in the Western world. The systematic review, “Temporal trends in sperm count:
a systematic review and meta-regression analysis” was just published in “Human Reproduction Update” and had been featured on NBC News, CBS News, The Guardian, BBC News, Scientific American, The Nation and many more.

Rachel’s author roles included “search strategy design and execution,” “acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of data,” and “critical revision of the article for important intellectual content.” Congrats, Rachel!

If you want help getting start with a systematic review, contact our Ask a Librarian service.



Welcome to Our New Librarian Suzanna Calev

Welcome to our new Librarian, Suzanna Calev. Originally from New York, Suzanna received a dual masters degree at Simmons College (Boston) in History and Library Science with a concentration in Archives Management. She had been working for the past three years at Harvard University’s Countway Library of Medicine but is happy to return to her hometown and excited to join our librarian team. You’ll be seeing her most frequently at our Mount Sinai West & St. Luke’s locations. Welcome, Suzanna!

Bulk Downloading & Library Resources

Bulk, or systematic, downloading is the process of manually or programmatically downloading all or large amounts of publications from a site, whether a publishers’ site or database of content. Publications are systematically downloaded regardless of relevancy to one’s own research in order to amass a publication “library.”

Bulk downloading is usually done by programming a script to “crawl” sites for content like online articles and eBooks. Our licenses with journal publishers and other vendors prohibit bulk downloading. When vendors detect this activity, they will cut off access to specific resources, which can affect the research activities for everyone at Mount Sinai.

We actively monitor for excessively high publication download rates. Aside from not bulk downloading, the biggest step you can take to make sure that library resources remain secure and accessible for everyone, is to never share your login credentials (username/password) with anyone. Hackers can use this data to bulk download content to pirate sites, resulted in vulnerability to computer viruses.

Learn more about our Levy Library licensing and copyright policies here. If you have questions related to bulk downloading, please contact us via our Ask a Librarian service.

Education Sessions at Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center

On Wednesday, June 21 & Thursday, June 22, Robin O’Hanlon, our Assistant Library Director of Outreach & Public Services, provided two education sessions to 27 students participating in an internship at the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center. The interns came from undergraduate institutions across NYC to work as field coordinators training public high school students as part of a community mapping initiative. Course topics included effective PubMed & Google Scholar searching, reference management, finding statistics & datasets, creating research posters, and more. The community mapping project is a part of the Building Healthy Communities initiative, a joint effort of the Mayor’s Office and the Fund for Public Health of New York.