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The Department of Academic Informatics/Levy Library is sponsoring:

Image Processing with MATLAB: seminars for Faculty, Researchers and Students

January 31, 2013

These seminars will be particularly valuable for anyone intending to use MATLAB to process, analyze and visualize medical images and video as well as general data analysis, plotting, and publishing reports. All examples and MATLAB code will be available to all registrants. 

Schedule of Events:

Session 1- Introduction to Image Processing with MATLAB

10:30am – 12:00pm, East Building, Goldwurm Auditorium 

  • Introduction to Technical Computing Workflow
  • How to import, display, and examine images in MATLAB 
  • Series of examples 
  • Quantification of tissue metastasis including workflow automation 

Session 2 - Image Processing with MATLAB for Advanced Users

  12:30pm – 2:00pm, East Building, Goldwurm Auditorium 

  • Detailed and advanced topics continuation from morning session. 
  • Volume visualization from a brain MRI image stack 
  • Measurement of vessel tortuosity
  • Video analysis and neural network-classification of a fluorescein angiogram
  • Automate analysis and share results
  • Introduction to Parallel Computing

Register at:



From the Archives: Vendor Pamphlets from the Horace Hodes Papers

The Mount
Sinai Archives
will soon be opening the papers of Horace Hodes, M.D. to
researchers. Dr. Hodes (1907-1989) served for nearly thirty years as Director
of the Department of Pediatrics at The Mount Sinai Hospital, and with the
opening of Mount Sinai School of Medicine he became the first Herbert H. Lehman
Professor and Chairman of Pediatrics. He served as President of both the
American Pediatric Society and the Society for Pediatric Research.

  Above: Promotional
pamphlets from the Difco Corporation, Detroit, MI, 1938.

Dr. Hodes’s
specialty was the study of infectious diseases in children. He made a number of
important breakthroughs during his long career, including demonstrating the
action of Vitamin D, proving the mosquito-borne transmission of Japanese B
encephalitis, and isolating the first known cause of viral diarrhea in human

As a
groundbreaking medical researcher, Dr. Hodes naturally spent much of his time
in the laboratory working with specimens. In addition to correspondence,
research notes and similar records, his papers include a collection of
promotional pamphlets from manufacturers of medical cultures.

These items
provide a glimpse into what was then the cutting edge of medical research. Just
as they do today, manufacturers competed to provide clinicians and researchers
with the latest and most effective tools. The pamphlets, dated 1938, also
demonstrate the popular commercial uses of Thirties Art Deco design, with striking
sans-serif fonts working alongside decorative lines and an eye-catching use of
two-color printing.

Now with Mobile Access: Annual Reviews and Sage Journals

Annual Reviews and Sage Journals are now providing mobile access to Levy Library users. 

Annual Reviews publishes highly cited critical reviews of primary research in over 41 disciplines within the Biomedical and Life Sciences.  When you access Annual Reviews using Mount Sinai's wireless, it will automatically pair your device with the Library's subscriptions.  You will then be able to access Annual Reviews content on your mobile device, even when you leave Mount Sinai's network.  Read more here.  

Sage Journals is a collection of hundreds of top journals in the biomedical sciences.  When you access a Sage Journal from your mobile device while on Mount Sinai's network, select "Authorize this Device" in order to pair your device with the Library's Sage subscriptions.  This allows you to access Sage content on your mobile device, even when you leave Mount Sinai's network.  Read more here

These are just two of the latest publishers offering mobile access.  View our full list of mobile apps and mobile-optimized sites related to Library resources here