PubMed Change: Filters Sidebar

PubMed has made what for many of us veteran searchers is a big change. They have eliminated the limits page and replaced it with a sidebar called filters. Just click on a filter to apply it to your search. But remember, a filter will remain activated until you clear it. Here's a link to a short introductory video.

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Memorial Day Hours

The Library will be open this weekend but with reduced hours on Monday. We'll be open our regular 9am-7:50pm on Saturday and 10am-1:50am on Sunday, then reduced hours of 8am-7:50pm on Monday. Check out the library hours here.

JoVE has a new interface

Jove_newA popular new resource, JoVE or the Journal of Visualized Experiments, recently got a new look.  JoVE is an indexed academic journal publishing in video format rather than in print, and is particularly well known from the protocol videos.  JoVE content available through the Levy Library includes Neuroscience, Immunology & Infection, Clinical and Translational Medicine, and Bioengineering. 

For access to the videos, go to the Levy Library E-Journals page and search for JoVE, or go to PubMed through the Levy Library homepage for links to full text and videos. 

Commencement: Endings and Beginnings

This week Mount Sinai School of Medicine holds its 43rd commencement ceremony. Think about it: we use the word commencement - which can mean the beginning of something - to mark the end of our academic training.   So, let's look back 40 years to the beginning of the School and the first time Mount Sinai graduated a group that had spent all four years of their training here. 

When the School first opened in 1968, the administration was honored to be able to recruit both a first year and a third year class. This was in recognition of the many years Mount Sinai faculty had spent teaching the medical students from other schools.  Thus the first commencement ceremony was held in 1970, two years after opening, and marked a milestone for the young school.


Commencement parents 1972  Commencement 1972

Happy parents after the 1972 commencement ceremony; the Class of 1972 reciting the Hippocratic Oath. [Click on the photo to see a larger image]

The 1972 graduation of the first ever first year class was also eagerly anticipated.  The students, faculty, and families gathered at the Hunter College Assembly Hall on June 4th. There were 47 students graduating. (Last year Mount Sinai awarded 249 Masters, Ph.D. and MD degrees.)  The ceremony was led by Hans Popper, MD, Ph.D., the Acting Dean and President who had stepped in when Dean George James had died suddenly in March 1972. Gustave L. Levy, the Chairman of the Boards of Trustees, spoke and also awarded the diplomas.  The commencement address was delivered by Thomas S. Szasz, MD, a well known psychiatrist who discussed the ethics involved in medicine and being a physician.  Jeffrey S. Flier spoke as the Student Representative. (Dr. Flier is today the Dean of Harvard's Medical Faculty.)  It was a momentous occasion for all involved and remains a powerful memory for those who were there.

In many ways, the 1972 commencement marked the end of the beginning for the young medical school, just as all commencements represent an ending and a new beginning for the students themselves. Congratulations to the Mount Sinai School of Medicine Class of 2012!

USMLE Study Resources

UsmleStep 1 Study season is here and we’d like to remind everyone that the Library provides access to many USMLE Review Resources for Steps 1, 2, and 3, including popular question banks like ExamMaster and USMLEasy, high-yield study ebooks from ebrary and Stat!Ref that can be used on your mobile device, and, of course, print books that are still available in the library. Check out our full USMLE resources guide for more information.