RefWorks 2.0 is Here!

RefWorks Color logoOn Friday, October 28, 2011 the default interface for RefWorks migrated from the original RefWorks Classic to RefWorks 2.0. RefWorks is a web-based reference management service licensed for Mount Sinai by the Levy Library. It allows you to save and organize your reference in your personal database, and automatically format bibliographies and papers in MS Word.

RefWorks 2.0 includes all the funtionality of the original RefWorks database, but streamlined with a clean, intuitive design. Key functions are easily available via new buttons, navigation toolbars, action icons, and collapsible menus. You can still use the RefWorks Classic interface for the remainder of 2011; look for the the links to RefWorks Classic on RefWorks 2.0 pages. RefWorks will retire the Classic interface in 2012.

Questions? Levy Library is offering workshops on the RefWorks 2.0 interface. You are welcome to sign up or to contact us to schedule an individual consultation. For more information:

Archives of the Oldest Scientific Journal Posted Online

Phil TransWhere did Ben Franklin publish information about his kite flying experiments with electricity?  In the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, of course.  Yesterday the Society announced that all issues from 1665-1945 – including Ben's letter - are now available free online. (You can get access to the newer issues from the Library's E-Journals page.)  The Royal Society is committed to open access and providing information to a broad audience and this is part of their strategy. The Transactions is the oldest scientific journal in the world and was the first peer-reviewed journal. In 1886, science had evolved to such an extent that it became necessary to divide the journal in two. Philosophical Transactions A covers the physical sciences and Transactions B deals with the life sciences. Some of the familiar names you can find here are Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and William Osler. With a nod to Halloween in a few days, a search of the word 'Monster' returns 55 articles.  Enjoy!

Uniquely Mount Sinai

The Mount Sinai Hospital had a nursing school from 1881-1971, known first as The Mount Sinai Hospital Training School for Nurses and then as The Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing.  It is a tradition that every nursing school has its own unique cap and pin.  This is a very old custom that lingers today.  Here you will find pictures of both Mount Sinai’s graduate cap and pin. A nurse was given these when she graduated from our school.  (Students wore a different, plain white cotton cap starched to cardboard-like stiffness.)  They were signs that you were a trained, professional nurse.  We also had a distinctive scotch blue plaid fabric from which our uniforms were made. (See the photo of our Class of 1904.)  The plaid was registered to our school and only we could use it.  We had supply problems in World War II, so we switched to a regular blue plaid after that.  And they say history is boring…..

Nursing School cap          Nursing Training School pin     Nursing Class of 1904c

MSSM Course Textbooks Online

MSSM students can now access many of their recommended textbooks online from one easy place on the Library's E-Books site. Click "Course Reserve E-books" to access the e-books that are provided by the Levy Library and are assigned as required or recommended texts by MSSM course directors.

You should find that most of your MSSM-required textbooks are provided by the library as e-books.

Please note that unfortunately some textbooks are still not sold to libraries for institution-wide online access by their publishers (these books include: Essential Cell Biology, Lippincott Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry, Neuroscience, Introductory Textbook of Psychiatry, Obstetrics & Gynecology and others). Of course, the print copies of these books can be found at the reserve desk of the Levy Library. And, in many cases you can purchase individual access to the e-book from the publisher. However…. if you're not satisfied that publishers are not allowing libraries to provide site access to these books, please let the the publishers of these books know. Please contact a librarian if you have any questions.




New York Archives Week is Here

Levy Library_100606_Archives0406 The Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York, Inc., along with hundreds of organizations in the archives community across New York State, will celebrate New York Archives Week, October 9-15, 2011, with special commemorative activities across all five New York City boroughs.  New York Archives Week is an annual celebration aimed at informing the general public of the diverse array of archival materials available in the Metropolitan New York City region.

Among the many activities free and open to the public will be open houses, lectures, workshops and behind-the-scenes tours of archives throughout the city. These special events are designed to celebrate the importance of historical records and to familiarize interested organizations and the public with a wealth of fascinating archival materials illuminating centuries of New York City history and culture.

For a complete description of ART-coordinated New York Archives Week events, download the New York Archives Week calendar hereFor further information, contact:


Graphics Search in UpToDate

UpToDate unveiled a useful new feature this week- the ability to search for graphics. You can now search UpToDate's 23,000 images by selecting Graphics from the drop down menu next to the main search box. UpToDate's graphics include the pictures, tables, illustrations, diagrams, graphs, algorithms and movies that appear in their clinical topics.

Images are first displayed in thumbnails, and are easily viewed in full, emailed, printed or exported to powerpoint:


To read more specifics about the new graphics search feature, click here.

Access UpToDate from the library's homepage or by going to while on Mount Sinai's campus. UpToDate is available on-site only.