Archives Document of the Week: Student Publications from The Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing

This year marks the 130th anniversary of the founding of The Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing. To celebrate this anniversary, the Mount Sinai Archives has created an exhibit in the lobby of the Annenberg building which documents the history of the School of Nursing and its Alumnae Association.

Among the items on display are copies of student publications. Students at the School of Nursing published a number of newsletters, including The Plaid Review, the Cap and Bib and The Plaid Communique. These publications carried news and gossip, advice for new students, and reviews of current books, films and Broadway shows. The Mount Sinai Archives has a large collection of these publications. The following images, from June issues of The Plaid Review and Cap and Bib, depict students’ excitement at the change of seasons. In the early 1950s nursing students were allowed a total of three weeks’ vacation each year; the Cap and Bib cover suggests that many students used early summer as a chance to take a break from the stress of their studies.

Plaid Review June 1949 Cap and Bib June 1953

Above Left: The Plaid Review, June 1949.

Above Right: Cap and Bib, June 1953.

Case Reviews Online: New Radiology Resource

Radiology Is Case Reviews Online
A. a series of popular radiology e-books? B. a searchable database featuring state-of-the-art radiology images?
C. a test question bank for radiology board review? 
D. All of the Above  

If you said, D. All of the Above, you're correct!  Case Reviews Online, the online version of the popular Case Reviews book series, is now available from the Library's database page.  Study from hundreds of clinical cases featuring high quality images, review with multiple choice questions, and create customized tests (timed and un-timed). Currently, the online resource contains 8 imaging modules: Brain, Emergency, Head and Neck, Interventional, Musculoskeletal, Thoracic, Spine, and Pediatrics.  Coming later in 2011 are four additional modules.     


SciFinder is now Mobile

P1000031 Good news! You can now use SciFinder Scholar on your smartphone to look up substances, authors, research topics and companies, as well as review the results of any "Keep Me Posted" alerts you've set up. If you're already signed up for SciFinder Scholar access at Mount Sinai, then you're already signed up for smartphone access. You don't have to download an app, and there are (thank goodness!) no restrictions on the number of concurrent users, or what IP address you are coming from. Just point your browser to and log in with your SciFinder username and password.

If you don't have a SciFinder Scholar username and password yet, you can register for one using your Mount Sinai email address.

If you're wondering what SciFinder Scholar is, well, it's the premier chemistry bibliographic and reference research tool from the American Chemical Society (ACS). It's a great place to go to find chemistry articles and information: and remember, "chemistry" includes pharmaceuticals, DNA, bioactive substances – a lot more than you might think. So take a look, and if you have any questions or want a hand, just ask!

Archives Document of the Week: Mount Sinai’s 1985 Annual Report

Annual report cover detail 1985 In early 1986, Mount Sinai was preparing a report about the events of the previous year.  And while they included the highs and lows of 1985, the theme of the report was the future, specifically building a new patient pavilion that would carry the institution into the 21st century.  In 1986 Mount Sinai started tearing down buildings to make way for this new hospital facility.  They had an architect and a plan, but they needed others to buy into their dream – literally.  And so the 1985 annual report was used as a vehicle to draw people into Mount Sinai's vision. Here are portions of that publication and the illustration that appeared on the cover of the 1985 Annual Report of The Mount Sinai Medical Center. The artwork is by Raphal Olbinski and shows the atrium of today's Guggenheim Pavilion as it was envisioned in early 1986.  Notice the red walkway across the second level connecting Stern Auditorium to GP 2.

The text below consists of the unedited introductory paragraph and then the first sentence of the rest of the paragraphs of the opening page of the report. Twenty-five years later, Mount Sinai is again constructing a new building.  Again, there is an architect and a plan.  But what is interesting is that the vision that was articulated in early 1986 is equally true today. 


Visions of the Future

Mount Sinai is at the center of a revolution in the health care delivery system.  It is a revolution that is occurring at a quickening pace; one that involves every aspect of operations at the medical center: the admission and care of patients, the teaching of medical students, the pursuit of medical research, and the hospital's fundamental role in the community.

Mount Sinai research scientists are taking the lead in the advancement of medical science and technology….

Mount Sinai School of Medicine is taking innovative steps in the formation of a new curriculum geared to the rapidly growing body of medical knowledge….

Over the past several years, The Mount Sinai Hospital has taken even more steps to assure its philosophy of patient care not only takes advantage of scientific progress but also reflects a humane approach….

Not surprisingly, in its long tradition of leadership, Mount Sinai is rebuilding itself to meet the emerging health care needs of the future….

Mount Sinai in not merely keeping pace with the rapid developments in health care – it is shaping them.

Classes! Scopus, EndNote, NCBI, etc.

Classroom We've just added some classes to our schedule, including a few new ones. If you're interested in finding out who is citing your papers, or using that information to calculate metrics like the h-index, sign up to learn about one of our newest resources, SciVerse Scopus. And, as usual, we have lots of classes available to help you with all kinds of things, including literature searches (Scopus, PubMed), managing your references (EndNote, RefWorks), preparing presentations and publications (Photoshop, PowerPoint), and finding genetic and genomic information (NCBI, genome browsers, pathway analysis software and more).

You can find more information and register for classes at

Archives Document Of The Week (April Fools’ Day Edition): The Medical Gewalt

For many years the Associated Alumni of Mount Sinai published a satirical magazine, The Medical Gewalt, which was distributed at the annual alumni dinner. (The title comes from the Yiddish expression “oy gewalt!”) The Gewalt combined parodies of medical articles and product advertisements with inside jokes about Mount Sinai doctors and an occasionally raunchy sense of humor. The 1915 edition, for example, included such articles as “Confusion by Sodium Titrate: An Imposium” and a parody medical advertisement asking “Can You Make a Diagnosis Without a Clinical History or Without Seeing the Patient? You can if you will subscribe for Dr. Morefee’s Surgical Picnics.”


 Medical Gewalt 2-27-1915 New Gewalter

Above left: The 1915 edition of The Medical Gewalt. Above right: The New Gewalter, 1952.

To celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Hospital in 1952 the Alumni published a special issue of the Gewalt entitled The New Gewalter. This elaborate 24-page magazine parodied The New Yorker with a cover showing surgical chief Dr. Ralph Colp in the outfit of New Yorker mascot Eustace Tilley. The entire magazine was laid out to resemble an issue of The New Yorker with interior sections such as “The Gewalt of the Town” and a column of “Amphi-Theatre” reviews.

Copies of The Medical Gewalt and other alumni publications are held in the Mount Sinai Archives. – by Nicholas Webb, Assistant Archivist

New User-Friendly Website and Catalog

We're happy to announce that an extensive redesign of the library website is complete! Here is a sneak peak of our sleek new interface, which will go live when the server updates occur next Thursday:

Levy Library computer menu screen 2011 

We've gotten the message from you that some important functions, like Menu Maintenance are difficult to find on our current site. But with the new, highly usable design, you can just hit F1! And we've made sure to gather all of our most important resources together in this one easy-to-use page. Whether you are looking for Data Base Management, Scient. Amer. Discotest, or Spreadsheet, it is all right there, just one keystroke away!

Along with the Library homepage, we've also tweaked our catalog interface. You may not notice many changes, but we've tried to make the design more in-tune with the rest of the site. As always, this is the best place to go to search for books, journals, videocassettes and slide collections!

Levy Library catalog image 1995

We hope you like the new designs as much as we do. Please tell us what you think