New! More Online Medical Textbooks

Grays Starting to think about the USMLE? Regretting that you gave away those textbooks you thought you'd never want to see again after your first semester? Good news! The Levy Library has just acquired a new online collection of core medical textbooks. You may already know MDConsult as an excellent source for medical ebooks, clinical practice guidelines and patient education handouts. Now its content has been expanded with the full text of some of the most popular medical textbooks, including MSSM course texts like Gray's Anatomy for Students, Gordis' Epidemiology and Moore & Persaud's The Developing Human.

You can access the new ebooks several ways:

  1. Search by title on our E-Books page.
  2. Search by title, author or keyword in our Library Catalog.
  3. Search across the whole MDConsult collection by following the MDConsult link on our Databases page.

Free Test Prep Ebooks from Kaplan

Kaplan USMLE, NCLEX-RN, MCAT, GRE? iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, eReader, Nook? Until January 10, Kaplan is offering free downloads of 130 popular eBooks, including many test prep titles. The titles don't expire (i.e., once you download it, it stays on your device until you delete it) so if you are faced with one of these exams in the next few months you might want to grab a free eBook now to help you prepare. Also available are many other educational titles like the Cleveland Clinic Guides, Kaplan 101 Algebra Practice Questions, Sharp Grammar, and the fascinatingly titled Caffeine Will Not Help You Pass That Test. For more information and downloading instructions see or the Kaplan announcement at, and thanks to ResourceShelf for bringing this to our attention!

Further Library Renovation: 10th Floor

The 2009 library renovations focused mostly on the 11th floor, bringing new classrooms, more computers, new furniture and an updated space. Now the 10th floor is getting a new look, with four new classrooms being built. The construction is getting underway now and will take place through Feb. 11. To minimize disruption, construction will occur between 12 midnight and 3:30 pm. It'll probably be best to study on the 11th floor instead of the 10th during the construction period (and we definitely ask you to stay on the 11th floor during our overnight hours), so we're adding more seats to the 11th floor to accomodate as many studiers as we comfortably can.

Also, the new renovation has led to some juggling of the print journal collection and our library catalog hasn't quite caught up yet, so if you need something from a print journal please give us a call at 212-241-7791 to make sure it's available before coming over to see us.

The 10th floor in December…

10thfloorbefore 001   









…and the 10th floor in January.

















What's behind the wall? We'll let you know as soon as we find a way to sneak back there…

Library Now Open 24/7

Fireworks Happy new year! We're happy to report that starting today, Levy Library will be open 24 hours, 7 days per week, including weekends and holidays. For now this is a pilot period: until June 30, the library will carefully track usage to determine whether these additional hours should be continued. Because we need to understand how the Library is being used after hours, a security guard will be stationed at the entrance to the library and each time that you enter, you will need to present your ID and be asked a few questions. Be sure to have your Mount Sinai ID with you.  As always, beverages in closed cups or bottles are permitted; food is not allowed.

Circulation services, including reserves, will not be available during the time that the security guard is on duty.