Levy Library Holiday Hours

It's winter break! This year the Levy Library's holiday hours are:

Holiday Hours
Sunday December 18th, 2011— January 2nd, 2012

Sunday, Dec. 18
12 Noon — 7:50 P.M.
Monday, Dec. 19 Friday, Dec. 23
 7:30 A.M. — 7:50 PM
Saturday, Dec. 24
9:00 A.M. — 4:50 P.M.
Sunday, Dec. 25
Monday, Dec. 26 Friday, Dec. 30    7:30 A.M. — 7:50 PM
Saturday, Dec. 31
9:00 A.M. — 4:50 P.M.
Sunday, Jan 1
Monday, Jan 2
12 Noon —7:50 P.M.

Regular Library Hours
Tuesday, January 3 — Saturday, January 28

Monday Thursday
 7:30 A.M. — 11:50 P.M.
 7:30 A.M. — 7:50 P.M.
 9:00 A.M. — 7:50 P.M.
 12 Noon — 11:50 P.M.

Extended Academic Hours Resume Sunday, January 29

Monday Thursday
 7:30 A.M. — 1:50 A.M.
 7:30 A.M. — 7:50 P.M.
 9:00 A.M. — 7:50 P.M.
 10:00 AM — 1:50 A.M.

Library Resource Apps and Mobile-Optimized Sites

MdconsultiphoneAttention Mount Sinai iphone, ipad, blackberry, android and other mobile device users!  Many of the Levy Library's core resources provide mobile applications (apps) and mobile-optimized sites for accessing content.  Librarians have compiled the lists below which include some very useful apps. Perhaps the best news?  All of the apps are included in our library license negotiations and are provided at no cost to Mount Sinai faculty, students, and staff!

Our list of apps: http://library.mssm.edu/reference/apps.shtml includes apps for accessing clinical and drug information, searching the medical literature, accessing e-journals, e-books, and medical images, and searching the library's catalog.

View our list of mobile-optimized sites: http://library.mssm.edu/reference/mobile.shtml to access Levy Library licensed resources from your mobile browser.

We hope these apps and mobile sites will be useful to all of our Mount Sinai physicians, nurses, medical students and other health care providers who carry smartphone or mobile devices!  If you have any comments or questions, please send us an email.

This Devil’s Cauldron of Genius

Every December I create a list of the important anniversaries will occur in the coming year of events that happened at Mount Sinai 25, 50, 100, or even 150 years ago.  These are usually building openings, new programs starting, or organizational changes in structure or leadership.  I also look at what milestone papers were published in those anniversary years to show how Mount Sinai has created new medical knowledge.

While often inspiring, I am always frustrated by how limited a view this is of the institution, especially when it comes to the intellectual activity that has long been part of the environment at Mount Sinai. But how do you get across to people the scientific milieu that led to the greater achievements? 

I realized this year that one of the ways to understand the intellectual environment here at Mount Sinai in the past is to look at a series of volumes that was created by the librarians of the Jacobi Library.  They gathered together the reprints of articles authored by Mount Sinai staff and bound them into thick books, starting with what they could find for 1874 and continuing to 1966.  Reading the list of articles that appears in the front of each volume transports you to a different time.  Some articles seem quaint – “A New and simple method of sterilizing catgut by boiling” (1901) – and others seems current:  “Dynamics and therapy of depressive states” (1937).

Misc Writings volumes 1

So thank you to the nameless librarians and staff that gathered these 12,913 reprints together and typed the lists of articles that allow us to search them.  If you would ever like to spend some time browsing this wonderful series, please contact the Archives about stopping in.  This resource is evidence for why Bernard Simon, MD, House Staff Class of 1942, would call Mount Sinai “this devil’s cauldron of genius, this witches brew of talent”.

General Surgery now in UpToDate

UpToDate has announced the addition of a new topic area: General Surgery. UpToDate, the popular provider of clinical topic reviews and evidence-based recommendations, now contains 19 specialties.


UpToDate's newest section covers all areas of General Surgery including abdominal wall and hernia, bariatric and metabolic, breast, burn, colorectal, endocrine, head and neck, pancreatic and hepatobiliary, plastic and reconstructive, skin and soft tissue, thoracic, trauma, upper GI, and vascular surgery. Also included are sections on minimally invasive surgery, as well as anesthesia and analgesia, general surgical principles and surgical quality and safety.

UpToDate claims that: "Beta testing by surgeons has shown that UpToDate answers 94% of general surgeons’ clinical questions and 87% of their surgery-specific questions."

UpToDate is licensed for on-campus use only.

New Resources in MDConsult: First Consult, Mobile app, PDFs and More

The Library is pleased to offer an expanded site license to one of our most popular resources, MDConsult. Enhancements to MDConsult include:

  • First Consult: a clinical decision support tool now appears within MDConsult. FirstConsult provides evidence-based topic reviews in an easy to read bulleted format. Access First Consult from the upper left corner of MDConsult.
  • First Consult app: Download the FirstConsult iPhone/iPad app to use First Consult on your mobile device. Sign up for the required user name and password by visiting MDConsult and clicking Create an Account.
  • MDConsult Mobile: The new mobile-optimized version of MDConsult (http://m.mdconsult.com) provides access to: quick topic reviews, journal articles including the Clinics of North America, and MDConsult's popular clinical and basic science e-books, including Harriet Lane Handbook, Cecil Medicine and many more. Note that there is no browsable list of books. To read a book, first search by the book's author or title. Login with your MDConsult username and password. To sign up for an account, go to MDConsult and click My Account.
  • PDFs of Book Chapters: Mount Sinai faculty and students been asking about this for years, and now it is finally possible to read MDConsult's book chapters and sections in PDF format!
  • Increased simultaneous users: The Levy Library now provides additional "seats" for MDConsult, eliminating the chance that you will be locked out when you attempt to login to MDConsult.

We hope you will enjoy these new enhancements to MDConsult! Have a question? Please ask us.


Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Levy Library will be closing early Wednesday and will be closed on Thursday in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Here's a summary of the changes to the schedule.

Wednesday, November 23: 7:30 A.M. —7:50 P.M.

Thursday, November 24: Closed

Regular library hours will resume on Friday.

Maintaining Image Quality When Converting Your Dissertation to PDF

Converting your word file to PDF can result in unintended image compression reducing the quality of your images. This can be especially problematic when preparing your dissertation for submission to ProQuest. In order to prevent image compression you must change your Acrobat settings in Word.

Here are some instructions for Word 2007:

1. Click on the Acrobat tab and chose Preferences on the ribbon.

ScreenShot - 11-22-11 09;42;08001

2. Click on Advanced Settings.

ScreenShot - 11-22-11 09;44;19001

3. Open the Images folder.

ScreenShot - 11-22-11 09;45;58001

4.Choose Off as the compression setting for all types of images. Then click ok.

ScreenShot - 11-22-11 09;48;23001

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Reminder: Levy Library doesn’t just license thousands of research journals. We also support Mount Sinai faculty and administrators by licensing the news sources that you need to stay on top of changes in your field, such as the widely read Chronicle of Higher Education.

Tech Tip: If you are on-campus, you may have found that you can simply go to The Chronicle web site and get access to all the current premium content; The Chronicle will probably recognize you as being from Mount Sinai. But if you are not recognized, or if you are trying to access The Chronicle from off-campus, you will need go to our E-Journals database (linked from the Levy Library homepage). 

Once you are in E-Journals, search for The Chronicle by title. You’ll see it’s available on several platforms.  For the most current, full-featured version, click the link to Chronicle of Higher Education.  If you are off-campus, you will be asked to authenticate with your Mount Sinai email user name and password (your Active Directory credentials). 

If you are looking for older issues, you may find it easier to browse The Chronicle through the ProQuest platform. The Chronicle web site only lists the last 25 issues—older content can be found by searching. But ProQuest has every issue (and full-text) going back to 1988.
Oh—and we have current issues of The Chronicle in print in the Levy Library. Look for them in our Leisure Reading collection.

Extended Fall Hours!

We're happy to announce extended hours for the library!  Starting immediately the library will be open until 1:50 AM Sunday through Thursday. 

The new open hours are:

Monday – Thursday: 7:30 AM – 1:50 AM

Friday: 7:30 AM – 7:50 PM

Saturday: 9:00 AM – 7:50 PM

Sunday: 10:00 AM – 1:50 AM


Circulation services such as lending books and distributing copy cards, are available:

Monday – Thursday: 7:30 AM – 10:50 PM

Friday: 7:30 AM – 7:50 PM

Saturday: 9:00 AM – 7:50 PM

Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:50 PM

RefWorks 2.0 is Here!

RefWorks Color logoOn Friday, October 28, 2011 the default interface for RefWorks migrated from the original RefWorks Classic to RefWorks 2.0. RefWorks is a web-based reference management service licensed for Mount Sinai by the Levy Library. It allows you to save and organize your reference in your personal database, and automatically format bibliographies and papers in MS Word.

RefWorks 2.0 includes all the funtionality of the original RefWorks database, but streamlined with a clean, intuitive design. Key functions are easily available via new buttons, navigation toolbars, action icons, and collapsible menus. You can still use the RefWorks Classic interface for the remainder of 2011; look for the the links to RefWorks Classic on RefWorks 2.0 pages. RefWorks will retire the Classic interface in 2012.

Questions? Levy Library is offering workshops on the RefWorks 2.0 interface. You are welcome to sign up or to contact us to schedule an individual consultation. For more information: