Levy Library Online, Status 2010: All Issues of the Top 5 General Interest Medical Journals Now Available

Photo Everything’s online? Well, not yet; it can be especially difficult to obtain older journal articles online. As we said way back in 2007, though, the Levy Library makes every effort to license journal backfiles as publishers produce them. And this year we reached a new landmark in our transition from print to digital: as of December 2010, the Levy Library offers every issue of the top five general interest medical journals online, all back to volume 1, number 1.

Levy Library Online, Status 2010 

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Digitization of journal backfiles is occurring even more quickly than we had anticipated. We were able to provide all of BMJ and JAMA in the spring of 2009, and then Annals of Internal Medicine came online that summer. In November this year, we licensed the NEJM archives, and in December, The Lancet. We'll continue to license journal backfiles for core titles as they become available, and we're also making it a priority to build our e-book collection. We can't wait to report on Levy Library Online, Status 2011.

Image credit: Typing with the keypad on a laptop. In: Wellcome Images [Internet]. London: Wellcome Library, London [cited 2010 December 10]. Available from: http://images.wellcome.ac.uk/indexplus/obf_images/cd/b2/0f1d6d811397a356f229e7a5ca84.jpg

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