Classes are back!

Spicoli One of our new classrooms is now complete and we are happy to start scheduling our drop-in classes again! The schedule is up for July and includes classes in EndNote, NCBI Resources, PowerPoint, PubMed and RefWorks. Register for one today, and stay tuned for more classes later this summer!

July 9 4:00-5:30 EndNote X2: An Introduction
July 14 4:00-5:30 PowerPoint 2007: An Introduction
July 16 4:00-5:30 EndNote X2: Advanced Features
July 21 4:00-5:30 NCBI's Entrez and BLAST: An Introduction
July 22 4:00-5:30 PubMed: Finding the Evidence
July 23 4:00-5:30 RefWorks: An Introduction

Happy Bloomsday!

Ulysses Today is Bloomsday, not the race in Spokane but the day Leopold Bloom spent wandering keyless through Dublin in James Joyce’s Ulysses. The novel has been read, studied, researched and written about over and over again, and not just by scholars of literature or language – it has made quite a mark in the medical literature as well, with articles about Ulysses and Joyce appearing in JAMA, BMJ and the Archives of Internal Medicine, to name a few. Titles found indexed in PubMed include “Anatomy in James Joyce’s Ulysses”, “James Joyce’s Ulysses and Dentistry”, “Life Lessons from Untimely Death in James Joyce’s Ulysses” – and that’s not even getting into articles about the author himself, with articles like “James Joyce: Seronegative Arthropathy or Syphilis?” and “James Joyce: A Portrait of the Artist as a Schizoid” to get us started.

So happy Bloomsday – perhaps tonight is a night to enjoy a nice glass of Burgundy and some gorgonzola while pondering what literature can teach about health and health care.

Ceiling, Walls, Paint…

The renovation continues behind the temporary walls at the Library. Probably the most visible change happening is the construction of new walls to house a new space for faculty collaboration (more details on this in future posts!). Here it is:Collab
There's also been a lot of painting, and most of the dusty old ceiling panels and light fixtures have been replaced:
And, I'm happy to confirm that the long-lost women's restroom does still exist, and though it is still closed for now, it will reopen with the rest of Renovation Phase II.

Employee Recognition Poster Session – show us some love!

Heart Librarians from the Levy Library will be on hand near our poster at the Employee Recognition Poster Session today. Come by the GP Atrium between 9:30 and 3:00 to say hi, grab some candy, and become our fan on facebook. All our new facebook fans will be entered in the Employee-to-Employee Appreciation Raffle Drawing, and we'll keep our profile updated with renovation news, new resources, photos and more. The theme of the poster session is I © Mount Sinai – so come by and show us some love!

NLM’s Turning the Pages Online

There are some things that you see online that just make you say, WOW!  One such thing may be found on the website of the National Library of Medicine, in the Turning the Pages Online section (  On these pages can be found six famous titles in the history of medicine, brought to life by technology. The titles include Vesalius's De Humani Corporis Fabrica and Conrad Gesner’s Historiae AnimaliumVesalius Viewers can literally turn the pages of these wonderful sources and see every page of the volumes in high resolution images.  In addition, there are added features that help explain or highlight various sections of the text and images, making the experience more rich.  These books had once been available only to scholars who could travel to scattered libraries.  Now they are online and available to anyone with a good Internet connection.  Check it out and be amazed!

The brains are moving…

Brain Lately we've been providing more and more access to subscription audiovisual materials on the web through sources like AccessMedicine and the online Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examination, but some of you know that we still have a high quality collection of videos, slides and other materials here in the Library. The collection has just been moved up to the 11th floor and is shelved at the end of the book stacks. Come on in and take a look to find some great images and videos, and get your hands on that cross-sectioned, lucite-encased brain!