MedInfoNow: A Book Update Service provided by the Levy Library

Survey after survey indicates health care professionals’ number one information need is to stay up to date with the literature, while their primary problem is information overload. Now a service called MedInfoNow provided by the Levy Library as a benefit the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine community is available to address this principal information need and problem of health care professionals.

The service provides updates of Doody’s database of books and software, the Web’s most comprehensive database of book and software titles in the health sciences.  Registered users are able to establish personal profiles indicating their specialty areas of interest in the book literature. Personal profiles determine the content of each user’s Weekly Literature Update, sent to them by e-mail and also incorporated into their own personal web page at the MedInfoNow site.

The Weekly Literature Update provides live links to the new book content posted at the Web site. At the Web site, users can search the entire database of 100,000 in-print book and software titles.  Users can also e-mail information about any title in the database directly to colleagues or send an e-mail to the library staff requesting more information about any title.  To register for this unique and valuable patron service, go to