Our new PubMed Display: AbstractPlus

Our default PubMed display has now been changed to AbstractPlus (View photo), enabling PubMed users to see the first 5 Related Articles and all of our Mount Sinai full-text buttons on one screen.  When you click on a reference in your results, you will now automatically be taken to the AbstractPlus view.  (If you prefer the old display, just change the Display menu from AbstractPlus to Abstract.)  Related Articles is a valuable feature that allows you to click right to articles sharing a close similarity with your original article.  Connecting to full-text articles is the same as before, just be sure to use the Library’s blue MSSM button or the yellow FIND IT button to connect to full-text options.  To read more about getting to full-text, click here.  Be sure to update any bookmarks to PubMed you may have (since the url has changed.

Royal Society of Chemistry Journals

The Library is pleased to annouce that we now provide online access to 38 journals published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.  This e-journal collection includes top titles like: Chemical Communications, The Analyst, PCCP, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry and Dalton Transactions, all going back to volume 1, issue 1, which in some cases extends back to the 1800’s! To access Royal Society of Chemistry journals go to the Library’s ejournals page and search for the title of the journal.