Attention Facebook Users: Display MEDLINE publications in Profile

If you are a Facebook user you may be interested in a new Facebook application: Medline Publications. This allows you to list your MEDLINE publications in your Facebook profile.  It automatically searches MEDLINE for your name and finds your articles.  Cool!  It looks like this in your profile:

Medline_3 On a different note, if your article is in BioMedCentral, you can post the article to your Facebook profile using the ‘post to’ menu next to any article.  Social networking in action!  If you are a scientist, clinician or student using one of these applications in Facebook, we’d love to hear what else you’re using.   

New: EndNote and RefWorks Tip

Do you have a long list of citations and wish there was an easy way to put them into your EndNote library or RefWorks account?  Now there is! Use the Citation finder feature from HubMed, an alternative interface to PubMed.  Simply copy and paste the text from a bibliography or reference list into Citation Finder.  HubMed will quickly find your citations (if they are in PubMed) and then allow you to export them to EndNote or RefWorks.  It worked like a charm when I tried it!  Please let us know if you have any questions about using Citation Finder, EndNote, or RefWorks.

Epocrates Now Available for BlackBerry

Epocrates has just announced that its popular free drug software, Epocrates RX, is now available in a format specifically designed for the BlackBerry. This free download will allow you to view over 3,000 brand and generic medications on your BlackBerry.  Speaking of Epocrates, the Levy Library has obtained discounts for MSSM students and residents who wish to purchase one of the non-free Epocrates products like Epocrates Essentials.  For more information please email Alan Krissoff.   

New Look for OVID

A "Try OVID SP" link is now appearing on the top of every page in our OVID databases.  Click the link to try out the new  OVID interface.  The current version of OVID will soon be retired (in the next month or two) and will be replaced by OVID SP.  One potentially cool new feature in OVID SP is the ability to sort results by "SCORE" or relevancy ranking.  According to them, the new OVID is calculating relevancy based on: "how many search concepts appear in the record, how often the concepts appear in the record, and how rare the terms are in the database."  Sounds like a more google-like search.  Please let us know if you have any comments about the new OVID interface.      

Discounted EndNote software through the Levy Library

Starting Thursday, November 1, 2007 Mount Sinai faculty, staff, and students can purchase EndNote X1 software (Windows or MAC) through the Levy Library for only $50, a 75% discount off the retail price.  EndNote X1 is the latest version of the popular reference management software used for managing and citing references in papers and bibliographies.

To purchase EndNote, please contact the Media Resource Center at ext. 47091 or email  For questions about using EndNote please contact a reference librarian at or ext.47204.   To read more about this offer please click here. 

“SPSS for Dummies” Now Available in Books 24X7

In the library, we frequently hear requests for SPSS reference materials.  SPSS for Dummies (2007) is now available as an online full-text book through Books 24X7.  Books 24X7 is a collection of thousands of full-text computing and IT textbooks including many on desktop and office applications such as PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and SPSS.  To access the new SPSS book, go to Books 24X7 and search for spss.  The first time you use Books 24X7 you will be asked to register for a free username and password.  Please let us know if you have any questions.       

PubMed Problem is Fixed

Yesterday’s problem linking to full-text from PubMed has been fixed.  You can now use the blue and yellow buttons in PubMed, or the ejournals page to connect to full-text journals provided by the library.

PubMed LinkOut Problem

Our full-text links in PubMed (both the blue MSSM/Levy Library button and the yellow FIND IT icon) are currently not working.  This is a problem on PubMed’s end.  The problem has been reported to the National Library of Medicine and will hopefully be fixed soon.  Please note that you can obtain full-text access to  library e-journals by going to our ejournals page:  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Laptop Printing Now Available in the Library

We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to print from your laptop to one of the library printers.  To do this, you need to install a print client.  Then you select the printer that you would like to use: printers on the 11th floor, the black and white printer in the MRC, or the color printer in the MRC.  Installation directions are here:


Starting September 3rd, 2007, you will need to access EXAM MASTER from the Library’s database page for off-campus access. (Previously, you could sign on without doing this.) Users will also be required to register using their Mount Sinai institutional email address ( or If you previously registered with another email address, you may change your email address by logging into Exam Master and clicking on My Account and then going to My Profile.  This change is necessary for us to protect Mount Sinai’s license to this valuable resource.

EXAM MASTER is a test preparation and medical subject review licensed by the Levy Library.  It contains test questions for USMLE Step 1 (9000+ questions), USMLE Step 2 (5000+ questions), and USMLE Step 3 (3000+ questions), among others. Board Certification Review aids cover Family Practice, General Pediatrics, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Psychiatry, Pathology and SPEX.